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Retire to Missouri

Missouri became the 24th state admitted to the Union in 1821. Missouri is a Midwestern state with Iowa and Illinois to the north and Tennessee and Arkansas to the south.

Downtown St. Louis
Downtown St. Louis and Gateway Arch
© iStockPhoto.com/RudyBalasko

Large cities in Missouri include Kansas City, St. Louis and Springield. Jefferson City is the capital city.

Missouri's terrain is varied with rolling hills in the north, the Ozark Mountains in the south and plains along the Mississippi river to the southeast. The Missouri climate is hot and humid in summer and cold in winter with higher than average levels of precipitation.

Leading sectors in Missouri's economy are agriculture, lead mining, aerospace, food processing and beer. Missouri ranks as a low tax state.

Retirement Cities

Springfield, a short drive from country music extravaganza that is Branson, is included in our survey of best places to retire. Get a video tour of Springfield at Missouri videos.

Springfield, MO
To the Springfield, MO City Report
Ranks high in: Home Prices
Population: 167,319
City Type: Lakes & Rivers, Mountains, College Town
Climate Type: Temperate & Humid
Local Resources:
     Find homes for sale in Springfield!

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