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To complete your City Evaluation, assign a "weight" or "priority" to each of the Quality of Life criteria in the form below. Weights for all criteria must accumulate to 100.

Hit the "Find My Cities" button to determine which cities are the best fit for you.

For instance, you may want to evaluate the cities by comparing these 4 criteria: Price of Homes, Air Quality, Crime and Demographic Diversity. If the criteria are of equal importance to you then you will enter a weight of 25 (100 / 4 = 25) in each of the criteria fields. If Crime is more important to you than the others, then you will increase the weight for Crime and decrease the weights for the others accordingly.

If you are interested in ranking the cities for Cost of Living, use the criteria Price of Homes and Taxation.

(Remember that the weights must total to 100 and decimals are not allowed)

Weight            Criteria

     % Change-Price of Homes
     Price of Homes
     Big City-Price of Homes
     Population Growth
     Population Density
     Building Permit Growth
     Air Quality
     Water Quality
     Family Income
     Medical Care
     Age of Population
     Natural Hazards
     Nuclear Hazards
     Home Energy Use
     Nearest Big City
     Demographic Diversity


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