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Retire To Kailua, Oahu, HI
City Report

Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii is one of the great places in the U.S. to live in retirement. Find city facts on home sales prices, air quality, water quality, medical care, cost of living, taxes, weather and other demographics.

Kailua, Hawaii Weather Forecast

The interactive map below provides a birds-eye view of the city. See how home prices are trending over the past few years. Read a city profile and search homes for sale.

Links in the data below provide a list of cities similar to Kailua, Oahu in that particular data category. Check back often for home price updates.

Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii
A beach at Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii | See more photos!
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Search homes for sale in Kailua, Oahu!

To Kailua, Oahu City Profile
To Kailua, Oahu Profile

Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii

Kailua, Oahu Population
. 1990 2000 2010 2013 (est.)
Honolulu Metro Area blank blank blank 953,207
Kailua, Oahu 36,818 36,513 38,635 38,635

Kailua, Oahu
Home Sales Prices
(new & existing homes)
. Monthly Average Annual Average Yr-Over-Yr Change
2015 .$953,000-27.7%
May $953,000 . .
2014 .$1,318,00095.5%
2013 .$674,000na
2012 .nana
2011 . na na
2010 . $1,112,088 41.2%

Home Sales Price to Big City Comparison
. Kailua, Oahu GPTR 99 City Avg
Home Price $953,000 $361,000
Nearest Big City Honolulu na
Home Sales Price in Honolulu $714,000 $281,000
Home Sales Price Bargain Index 107% of Honolulu home prices 128%

Home Sales Price to Renting Comparison
. Kailua, Oahu GPTR 99 City Avg
Home Price $953,000 $361,000
Monthly Rent $2,667 $1,336
Price/Rent Index 24.0 times the annual rent 18.1

Kailua, Oahu
Cost of Living (2015-16)
214% GPTR 99 City Average

Kailua, Oahu Taxes
blank Tax Rate Days Worked to Pay State Rank Tax Rate
(99 City Avg)
Days Worked to Pay
(99 City Avg)
State and Local Sales Tax 4.4% -- 45* 6.9% --
Federal, State and Local Tax -- 110 days 25* -- 113 days
* State rank of 1 pays the highest taxes

Kailua, Oahu Building Permits
(single family homes)
Honolulu County
2014 875
2013 1,137
2012 1,047
2011 734
2010 879

Kailua, Oahu Interactive Maps

(Click map icons to Zoom In/Out, change format, navigate or rotate. Click map and drag mouse
to pan. Use Pegman for a StreetView.)

Continued: Medical Care/Crime/Income

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